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Focus Areas

My approach is collaborative, in workshop-style, because I believe authentic storytelling happens best when you're part of the experience.

Communication Coaching
Single Hour Session: $299
Six-Session Package: $1699

Note: Each session is one-on-one, and includes pre-session and post-session exercises for comprehensive setup and follow-up.

Founder Storytelling
Founder First Package: $899
3-sessions for founders raising their pre-seed or angel round

Salary Negotiation
Contact for pricing
One-on-one coaching for employees wanting to build confidence and own the offer negotiation process

Executive & Team Workshops
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Expert-led corporate learning on topics in the below domains:
Diversity, equity, & inclusion;Dispute resolution for People Ops/ HR teams;Managing Employee Concerns;Management and leadership;Communication and empathy


I help founders and executives tell stories that stick.

I'm Alex, founder of an HRTech SaaS to help companies resolve workplace concerns more compliantly and empathetically. Before moving to the Bay Area to build my dream, I convinced aggrieved and sometimes angry people to listen to one another and give the other their money. My job wasn't just resolving discrimination and harassment cases and training leaders, but transforming opinions and opening minds. Yes, it is as hard as you think.

The truth is I grew up training to communicate at my best— oratory, debate, and commercial and theatre acting— starting at kindergarten. Little did I know that just a few years later, when preparing a speech for competition, that I would change the way I approached the world around me.
"Experience is not what happens to you. It's what you do with what happens to you."

It felt like I had discovered a secret that no one else knew. From that moment onward, I applied Aldous Huxley's thinking to each of life's experiences, positive or negative. it turned into a driver to create opportunity, self-motivate, and develop a habit of curiosity and continuous learning. I carried it with me through my study of rhetoric, foreign languages, and linguistics during my Master's. And beyond, in law school, where I earned the moniker, "The Inferno," from professors and peers for my reputation in negotiation and advanced dispute resolution.

One could say I've dedicated myself to the study of people and the way they communicate. I like to think I help people work, live, and listen better together.

People are complex, and shaped by the lessons from their experiences. That's why I'm driven to help founders and leaders share their journey and reach their potential.


If you're interested in learning more about personalized workshops or coaching, feel free to send me a message below.

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What founders say

"Alex has been incredibly helpful with my startups fundraising narrative. Her speaking and coaching skills are on another level. She helped me understand how to tell a compelling story and understand my investor audience. I can’t recommend her services enough."
-Jake P., CEO and Co-founder of Dolo

"I am so grateful for your advice, your wisdom, and your patience. My delivery and story started as a bunch of jumbled thoughts with many “ums” and, with your help, transformed into a strong [investor] pitch with a catchy hook. Your structure and framework made it so easy for me to input my most vital points, and I had a lot of fun working with you. I was able to show off my new skills during a pitch to [VC firm] this morning, and I think it went pretty well 🙂I highly recommend Alex if you are looking for help in this arena."
-Michael F., CEO and Co-founder of Maverick Community

"This is great! Thanks so much for your feedback. So helpful!"
-D., Founder and CEO of stealth fintech startup

"Thank you [...] for taking the time to give really thoughtful pitch feedback."
-J., CEO and Co-founder of fintech startup