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Voice Over Artist | Copywriter

Alex is a multi-lingual, multi-faceted Atlanta-based storyteller and voice over actor who has been best described as a chameleon. She's a lawyer and linguist by training, and previously built and led Civil Rights policy and compliance within government, higher ed and enterprise. Now, she advises tech companies on strategy and storytelling for product development, communication, and Responsible AI.Her sound is naturally textured, cool, and authoritative. Alex adapts her range rapidly to both scene and script– from accessible to unapologetic, decisive to dramatic, or from warm to wry.Above all, her voice is evocatively human.

proudly voicing & writing for brands

what pros are saying

"Alex helps IGDA SF highlight games and game developers from across the Bay Area. Every time we launch a new highlight, our members emphatically comment on Alex’s professional-quality sound and ability to capture each game's unique feeling by immediately transporting viewers into a new world. She is, in one word, incredible.We’ve given Alex a jumble of game information several times, and she always transforms our descriptions into succinct and captivating scripts. Her turnaround time on script writing and voice over is exemplary, helping us rapidly disseminate content while maintaining high quality."– International Game Developers Association SF

"Your unique voice is naturally friendly and authentic. Your sound [is] confident and controlled. You have a richness and texture to your voice that makes the listener pay attention [...] I hear you in commercial copy as the announcer, expert, teacher, and friend next door. Your sound is intelligent and trustworthy, making you believable. These qualities will also lend to corporate narration and explainer/eLearning type genres."–Trevor Johns, VO Artist and Instructor

"I've been transported."
"This is like listening to Calm."
–On Deck Founders (CEOs, CTOs, COOs)

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Responsible AI Statement

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She's got breadth & depth

Alex has picked up several monikers over her career: "The Inferno" by legal peers and mentors for her negotiation skills, "a modern-day rhetorician" by her C-level coaching clients, and "mane" by friends for her signature lion-like locks.Alex has always considered herself a storyteller, motivated by a desire to communicate effectively and authentically with every person across cultures.Because of her formal training in negotiation and dispute resolution, literary analysis, foreign language learning and university teaching, and several areas of law, Alex can expertly prepare, self-direct, and deliver on her work; think and reason quickly under changing, uncomfortable, or unknown circumstances; and connect with the right words for the intended audience.Alex began singing and acting training when she was a kid. As an adult, these skills have been integral in public speaking and corporate training, which she's done professionally for the past 10+ years.

Terminology Proficiencies

  • Healthcare/medical

  • Legal

  • Software, technology and engineering

  • Culinary and viticulture/oenology

Language Proficiencies

  • Spanish (Castilian) - fluent

  • Portuguese (European) - intermediate reading and translation

  • German, French, Italian- beginner

  • Latin translation

Other Skills

  • Singing

training & education

  • Atlanta Voiceover Studio | Animation and Commercial, Instructors: Brian Bremer; Trevor Johns; Steve Henderson

  • Real Voice LA | Commercial

  • Theatre / Musical Theater (13 years)

  • Classical Vocal Training

  • Commercial Acting (On Camera) Training | '90s TV Nickelodeon and American Express

  • B.A. Dickinson College | M.A. Boston College | J.D. New England Law Boston


Alex helps the most innovative companies tell stories that stick and scale.From sultry sophistication to authoritative assurance, Alex's voice adapts to the tones your project demands. Whether it's commercials and promos, corporate narration, explainers, or e-learning, she infuses each word with a depth of character that can connect with an audience.Alex is a lawyer and linguist by education, former Mediator and Civil Rights practitioner by profession, and sommelier and culinary maven by passion. When she's not building her voice over acting empire, she's coaching tech CEOs, CTOs, and CPOs on communication strategy, advising AI startups, and hosting her responsible AI x culture podcast.Alex's professional background and experience spans several verticals: law and policy, negotiation, tech/AI, corporate compliance and training, healthcare, government, education, and literature/language. These varied experiences and expertise add a layer of understanding and authenticity, so your message and brand can connect with diverse audiences across cultures, languages, products, and industries.HOW ALEX WORKSCollaboration and efficiency are at the heart of Alex's process. She'll work closely with your team to understand your vision, ensuring that every intonation aligns seamlessly with your objectives, and ensure a timely delivery.Whether it's corporate training seeking credibility, a mobile product launch, or a character longing for life, Alex can help you craft an authentic message that resonates long after the words have faded.BEYOND VO: COPYWRITINGIn addition to voicing your brand, Alex can offer copywriting, editing, and storytelling services that reflect your brand voice and product vision from page to publish.

immerse yourself

Select a demo or sample below to hear Alex in action. All copy voiced in these demos was drafted, directed, and edited by Alex.Her natural voice is textured, cool and authoritative. She can also deliver a wide range of reads as required, such as Millennial/Gen-Z, professional and knowledgable for corporate e-learning or explainers, wry, dry, and comedic; and luxurious and sultry for spots needing an edge.




SAMPLE | PROMO (IGDASF Published 1/2024):

quality space.
quality sound.

Alex records in a professionally sound-treated space to deliver clean recordings.

  • Rode NT1

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp

  • Zoom | Google Meet

  • Phone Patch


What's better than a dynamic voice over talent that delivers copy authentically and empathetically, adapts under direction, and works swiftly while striving for perfection? A voice over talent who can also collaborate, ideate, write, and edit your next commercial or corporate copy in English and/or Spanish.


Alex offers storytelling, copywriting, and editing services that align with product positioning and brand guidelines for: campaigns, websites, social media, internal corporate training (E-learning) materials, app and online tutorials, commercials, and promos.She specializes in tech and startup copy, and has experience writing in and for the following industries and audiences:

  • Spanish <> English Translation

  • Commercial/ Promo

  • Narration (E-Learning; Industrial)

  • Startup App Tutorials, Explainers, Website, UX Writing

Startups and tech | State and local government | Non-profits | Corporate HR | Medical/scientific (academia and industry) | Marketing/sales | Higher ed/universities | Women and diverse audiences | Persons with disabilities | Spanish-speaking audiences

Demo scripts, inspired by beloved brands

Peruse any of the demo scripts below to view an example of what's possible when you work with Alex on copywriting and storytelling. Note: These were created as an example for demo purposes only.

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commitment to responsible ai use

Updated 2/2024

As a responsible AI speaker, startup advisor, and professional in AI bias and discrimination, Alex is committed to modeling transparency by explaining the core AI tools she uses and how she uses them.Understanding that AI tools are rapidly maturing— and that Alex is continuously learning and testing new tools—she takes an iterative approach regarding the use of AI tools when marketing and presenting her VO and consulting services. This means that a tool she may have used in the past or is using at present may no longer be used tomorrow, next week, or in the future. From time to time, Alex uses ChatGPT for brainstorming or language reference. She performs extensive due diligence and leverages her investigative skills by cross-referencing results that reference facts or data from verifiable sources. She also uses Personal AI to train her own AI model with her data.At no time does Alex utilize the assistance of AI to draft or co-draft copywriting deliverables. Further, Alex does not input any proprietary client information into AI tools.